Meet our Pilots

Professional Swiss Tandem Pilots

Welcome to our pilot section. Here we have gathered some information about each of our pilots.

+ 15000

hours of flight


years of experience

Manager and Owner - Pilot

Amédée Julen

870 hours of flight

+41 79 743 43 05

I have started paragliding in September of 2014. From the moment of my very first flight I knew that this would become more than a hobby and turn into my passion.Since then I have dedicated my whole life to paragliding and have accumulated 1500 flights and 800 hours in 3 and a half years. I have participated in various competitions and flew in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Turkey, Austria,Thailand, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Denmark. I take great pleasure in sharing my passion with other people as passengers and love to go flying with them. Ich was born in July 1984 in Zermatt, my family has been here for many generations, therefore I have great knowledge the local culture and nature. Traveling is a very important part of my life and I have travelled to 55 countries so far. I speak German, French, English and Spanish fluently.


Bruno Schmid

over 5000 hours of flight

Bruno has been flying since 1986, he is a real heavyweight in the Zermatt paragliding scene. A pioneer that started flights with tourists in the late 80s. He has a great deal of experience and knows the skies by heart. He is ready to take you for a flight that will be an experience of a lifetime. Bruno is also a paragliding/mini-wing instructor.


Alex Ribeiro

500 hours of flight

Alex has been flying since 2009. He has 1200 flights in his logbook to this date. He is very friendly and has a outgoing personality, when Alex is around he always makes people smile and never runs out of jokes. Alex is a very safe pilot who makes great effort to give you a fantastic experience of paragliding.


Jérémy Péclard

2000 hours of flight

Jérémy Péclard started flying with his father in 1995. He was a passenger on his fathers tandem when he was 8 years old. He started flying in 2006 and received his tandem license in 2014. Jérémy is also a Swiss champion in acrobatic paragliding, he can do many awesome tricks on his wing and has a great sense of orientation. Jérémy takes great pleasure in sharing his passion with others and is a great guy that people enjoy to have around.


Eric Viret

5000 hours of flight

Eric has been flying since 1989. He has a great deal of experience in this sport. You can call him a pioneer in the Swiss paragliding scene where he is well known and respected. Eric will give you an experience you will never forget and will kindly share his passion with you. Eric is a quite nature but that makes it even more interesting flying with him because he will let his flights speak for itself.


Martin Sarbach

1200 hours of flight

Martin has been flying since 1995. He has been living in Zermatt for most of his life and has accumulated many flights in the area around Zermatt and other parts of Switzerland. In his time off he likes to do acro paragliding and learns new tricks on his wing.