We have gathered a couple of important questions below. People who are afraid of heights are still able to paraglide without any problems. We had many passengers who were a bit afraid before take off but once they were in the air they realised that there is nothing to be scared of.
We have been flying people of all different ages, there is no limit for you if you are able to take a few quick steps on the take off. Its great to fly with people who have not tasted the freedom of free flight yet because its such and intense and liberating experience.
1I am afraid of heights?
No problem, people who are afraid of heights are not affected by this fear while paragliding. Our experience shows that people who are afraid of heights don't feel fear once they are up in the air.
2Are the lift-tickets included in the price?
No, the lift tickets will be bought by yourself before we head up with the cablecar, if you travel with a Swisspass you will take advantage of a 50% discount.
3What do I need to bring?
Good shoes and some warm clothing would be ideal as it can get cold up in the air.
4Is there a minimum age to fly?
Yes, the minimum age is 5 years if the parents are giving their ok.
5Is there a weight limit?
Yes the weight limit is 100kg.
6Is there an age limit?
No, if you are able to make a couple of quick steps while taking off there is no problem for you to fly.
7Will you take pictures and video?
Yes we will take pictures and video with our Gopro cameras and show them to you after the flight. The pictures and videos are optional for you to buy and have a cost of 40.- CHF.
8Can I bring my camera?
Yes you can bring your camera if it is attached to you in a safe way, selfie-sticks are not allowed.